BIRTH Fergus Falls, MN
HOME Duluth, MN
SKATE 14 years
SPONSORS None, I�m very difficult to work with.
SETUP Usually very chauncy; razor tail, coned out front left wheel with a flatspot on the rear right wheel. Baseplates always loose.
TRICK Anything I can't do
SKATE WITH Cripes, Double, Molson, Reems...anyone that�ll have me
MUSIC Heavy yet gentle
WORK With a bunch of jerks
ANIMAL A jerk eater
ALCOHOL Listerine
HOBBIES Reading, Movies, old Playboys
MINNESOTA I think skaters here are the best. Anyone who can get through a long, harsh winter and still skate is a true skateboarder...especially small towns where there�s no indoor park. You guys rule.
SHOUT OUTS Steve Seitz, Den Davey, John Feick, Joe Remark, B.J., Pete Larson, Jake and Noah Smith, Jason Barr, Ben Olson, Nicole Neally, Mike Stenerson, Jack Hegerle, Benji Meyer, Domalick, Todd Bratrud and anyone who has never been a dick to me.
Jack Boyd
Still Shot. Photo by Michael Stenerson.

Jack Boyd
Frontside Flip. Photo by Michael Stenerson.

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