BIRTH Crookston, MN
HOME Santa Cruz, CA
SKATE 15 years
SPONSORS Silo Boxers, Consolidated, Krux?
SETUP Whatever crazy color of Krux I can get, some 55s, and a board around 8 inches
TRICK The Heimlich Maneuver
SKATE WITH Heck Dawg, Zed, Rolf, the Green brothers, Kenna Gallahger
MUSIC Fifteen
WORK Consolidated Skateboards
(fart Dept)
ANIMAL a FOXX!!!! (right?)
ALCOHOL Root "Beer"
HOBBIES Nerding out with my art supplies
SHOUT OUTS IPod gangstas fo life

Here is an illustration Todd did for the site.

Todd Bratrud
Cupcake. Photo by Leah Bratrud.

Todd Bratrud
Photo by Hutch.