A brief interview with Dave Carnie

Dave Carnie

What happened to Big Brother?
I emailed you a statement that's going up on our web site to explain things. If you have any further questions, feel free to write me.

With your "rock star" status have you had any job offers?
Yeah, as I wrote in that statement, the Skateboard Mag (Atiba, Grant, Swift, etc.) were pretty excited that Big Brother folded. I guess they were interested in stealing me away from Big Brother. They left Transworld Skateboarding Magazine because they were sick of AOL/Time Warner trying to run a skateboard magazine they know nothing about and they seem committed to making a good mag. Not a TWS rail monkey magazine. Plus I actually get to spell FUCK in its entirety.

Do you have any preferences on where you would like to work or what you want to do?
Other than The Skateboard Mag, I've got some other freelance work. Rolling Stone pays really well, but I don't particularly like them. I'm working on a book, a couple scripts and TV treatments. Maybe I'll do gay phone sex.

What's the deal with Whale Cock Skateboards and your fascination with cock?
Automodown, Jason Jessee's company manufacturers Whale Cock, but they're a small company and like all the other small companies right now, they're getting hit hard and thus there's no Whale Cock right now. I love Jason, but I have some other people interested in doing it.

What are you going to miss the most at Big Brother?
The big bowl of cocaine in the lobby. The porn streaming across my desk every five minutes. Fuck, making a mag once a month is really fucking hard job, but really I could do whatever I wanted and get paid for it. I think i'll miss that. I mean already I wrote something for The Skateboard Mag and they were like, "Uh, Dave? This is kind of harsh?" I said something like, "anyone that is pro life is a piece of shit in my book. Am I about killing babies? Fuck Yeah. With hammers and power tools." They're gonna run it, but it's weird having someone try to tell me what to do.

By the way. Have you ever gone out with Larry Flint or was he far behind the scenes of Big Brother? I would think he would throw some crazy parties.
No. I've been to his house and I've interviewed him and I guess I sort of kind of partied with him at Hustler's 25th anniversary party a couple years ago. Actually he was mad that I wrote about all the dog shit in his driveway and he was wasted and wanted to yell at me. I didn't understand a word he said.

You once mentioned Hockey Camp in Bemidji, MN when you were younger. What was the most memorable skateboard-related trip you have had in MN?
I've never been to minnesota other than for hockey camp as a kid. I'm surprised there's even skating there. You guys are nuts but I'm proud of you. Did you know Gary, my cat, his team last year was the wild? In our hockey club we each gave our cats one of our teams. I gave Gary the Wild. one night drunk shopping on the internet (I wouldn't recommend it) I bought $200 worth of NHL shwag. That's another thing I'll miss about Big Brother: I had a good salary. I could afford to buy fucking flyers hockey socks that you wore on your head like a stocking. Anyway, I bought Gary a "wild golf towel." It became his cape. He didn't appreciate it very much, that li'l fucker.