BIRTH Big Kato
SKATE 11 years of sucking ass, and about 6 years without being able to kickflip. Fuck!
SPONSORS Are you shitting me!
SETUP Indy's (not the little ones), some hand me down yellow flat spotted wheels from Dan Jackson (45-49mm), swiss, 7 3/4 - 8 inch board.
TRICK Nollie tailslides are fun or switch shuvits
SKATE WITH Dan Jackson, Todd Brown, Pietz or whoever is down to skate. But I only skate like once a week right now.
MUSIC Depends on my mood, sometimes hip-hop sometimes rock, never Rrraaancid. I also listen to a lot of AM radio (KFAN).
WORK Not working at this point in my life. I'm considered a "loser" but it must change
ANIMAL A cat, I just like cat's?
ALCOHOL Gin N' Tonic
HOBBIES Golf and Thinking
MINNESOTA I think MN is a great place to live, although I've never lived anywhere else. The skating scene in MN is also great. I've met all my close friends from skating here and countless acquaintances with other skaters.
SHOUT OUTS Shout-out to all my close friends in Kato, MPLS and Madison (you know who you are) you mean more than you know, seriously. Shout-out to the whole city of Kato, especially the bar scene. And I can't forget to thank Rachel, I couldn't score another girl like her in a million years (I've got no game).
Chris Carpenter
Hockey Temper Aftermath. Photo by Dom.