BIRTH Waterloo, IA
SKATE Just about 7 years
SPONSORS Zoo York, Hubba Wheels, Venture Trucks, Nike, Fobia, and Matix
SETUP 7.75 Joey Pepper Zoo York board (8 if I can get it) with Venture Trucks and 50mm Hubba Wheels, :( China Reds Bearings, and some 7/8 Shortys Light Phillips Hardware
TRICK Kickflips
SKATE WITH Humble, Hunkle, Jr. Mint, Tech Ed, Jahan, Buckvin, Bauman, Wes, Al Bono, and Twan
MUSIC I like everything except for Techno and Country
WORK Fobia
ANIMAL A cat cause they just kick on the regular
ALCOHOL Im always down for a 40oz of Old English
HOBBIES I like playing Darts and Ping Pong
MINNESOTA Minnesota and skateboarding pretty much go hand in hand
SHOUT OUTS All my sponsors for everything they have done for me. I wanna thank my Mom. I wanna thank Joe and Dan @ Fobia. I wanna thank Steve @ 3rd Lair and I wanna thank Hunkle and Humble. You know what you've done. Speaking of Humble watch out for that kid. He rips.
Jamiel & P-ROD
Jamiel & P-Rod, Nike Tour

Feeble Grind by Jamiel
Feeble Grind