BIRTH Mankato, MN
HOME Long Beach, CA
SKATE 5 years
SPONSORS Real Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, I-Path Shoes, and Hurley Int.
SETUP Real board, Spitfire wheels, Thunder trucks and whatever bearings I can find
TRICK Anything that looks good I guess
SKATE WITH Charlie Thomas, Kris Markovich, Hellrose crew, Vanessa Torres, Alex White, Lisa, Jesse Van, Ronnie Creager, anyone who wants to skate
MUSIC I'm A Robot, La Tigre, Modest Mouse, Morrissey, Moving Units, The Postal Service, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Matt Costa, The Smiths, Yeah Yeah Yeah's
WORK Right now I have been working at Woodward west
ANIMAL I would be a cat, so Dom would like me better
ALCOHOL Jack and Coke
HOBBIES Hanging out with friends, music, Meeting boys!!, riding Harley's
MINNESOTA I love MN, It gets cold in the winter, it makes it hard to stay home and skate the same park everyday. I love the vibe at home, everyone is cool with everyone. It's not like that here in LBC.
SHOUT OUTS Jim, Darrin and everyone from Deluxe. Charlie Thomas and Kris Markovich for letting me stay for months, and helping me out. It means the world to me. Brian from I-Path for all the support, Fobia crew, my family, Lisa for driving me everywhere to film, and anyone who has inspired me, thank you. All my friends in Mankato, I miss you guys!
Jayme Erickson
Frontside Boardslide. Photo by Joe Blum.

Jayme Erickson
Kickflip. Photo by Joe Blum.