Nate Sherwood
Nate Sherwood

Where are you originally from?
Portland. I was born in Racine WI, but I moved to P. Town when I was 2 years old

What was it like growing up there?
Great nice spots, nice woman, crazy rain, good tap water, wack ego trippers were lame but I had a good click

Do you ever go back to visit?
Yes, I went back last year, I go to the M.W. a ton

Where are you currently living?
S.D. CarlsRAD a funny lil beach town south of downtown

How were you introduced to MySpace and approximately how much time do you spend on there?
Got on there threw a chick I knew named Merritt Jonson. Now I spend like 30 hours a day there

How long have you been skateboarding?
15 Years

What skateboarders influence you or have influenced you in the past?
Brian Lotti, M.C. Andy Stone, Rick Howard, Chad Tim Tim

What do you think of Minnesota's skateboard scene?
I love the Twin Cities, St Paul is dope I loved the vibe of Fobia and the cool cats all over the place it is a great place. I love the fact you all have your own style no carbon copy shit going on. I respect Nesser and all those cats. Clint is dope he rocks

What are your thoughts on street vs park skating?
Park skatin is gay unless you live in a climate where you have no choice, like I hate groms, fuck them, they brake your ribs and run into you with there bikes and razor shit, I like indoor T.F.S, but not public shit

You need to hit up the 3rd Lair skate park if you haven't already. It's an impressive facility. It's a rad place to skate and just hang out.
Cool I'm down I hear dope things about it

Do you care to explain some of your medical conditions past/present and how that has affected you personally as a skateboarder?
No I get freaked out even muttering any words about my health if I say anything it will jinx me

How have you been feeling lately?
Great. Knock on wood man

By the way, were you disappointed that you lost $40.00 on your bet that Girl would win King of the Road?
Shhhhhhhhhhh I have not been hit up yet

So who do you typically skate with?
My homie Chub Rock he is a fat fuck that looks like chipmunk and he is so dope to skate with, he slams and the ground shakes for months... Rob Dyrdek is rad he and i hang a bunch, willy santos is dope, ty and ray ray are my dawgs

How is filming for the CrailTap video coming? Have you been fairly consistent with the tricks you want to get for that video?
I hope for the best but expect the worse like I try so much stuff but I slam and fail at so much as well

What is it like filming with Ty? Does he ever push you to get something that he knows you can do?
Yes all the time it is a great honor for me to work with him, he really knows how to motiskate me to skate and he is a great friend as well to top it off

When is the Tap video set to release?
Summer or December. Not sure.

Nate Sherwood
Clean Ollie, literally.

Nate Sherwood

Nate Sherwood
Swell Bow Ollie.