Anthony Nollen
Anthony Nollen

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Where are you from?
I am from Cedar Rapids, IA. Frodo from Lord of the Rings is from there. It sucks! So is Ashton, the "That 70's Show" guy.

When did you move to Minnesota?
I moved here in October of 1999.

I know you did some work for Rob Sissi and Supernatural (SPRNTRL).
Ya that was cool.

Have you done work for any other skateboard related businesses?
Just Supernatural and Cal Surf Skate shop. I'd like to do more but it's hard.

Do you skateboard yourself?
I use to be a skateboard freak. My whole life was skateboarding. But I guess the art stuff slowly took over. The only time I skate is when my friends make me. Skateboarding has a lot to do with me making art, thats for sure.

Do you work for anyone or do you typically do freelance work?
I have been doing freelance work for a little over a year. I didn't try to do that it just happened. It is really un-secure, I would try to look for a job and it always ended up freelance work. Freedom's nice though.

What would you say is a typical day for you as an artist?
Nothing really. I get-up go get coffee, sit there and draw. go home and work on stuff. The last year I have had a lot of freetime so I usually just do what ever comes along, ya know down for whatever.

What overall piece of work are you most proud of?
I would have to say as far as for someone else the Cal Surf board. I was stoked that they even wanted to do that yes-man graffic. But as far as painting or something I really can't say. You usually try to improve with everything, so tommorrow it would most likely be diffrent.

What is it about art that makes you want to do it?
I don't know. It has always just been a get away, and I like to solve the problem. I really don't want to make half the stuff I have to force myself to. Just figuring it out is the fun part of it all.

Do you find that it is a great way to express yourself?
Sure, or you could say help yourself.

What artists inspire you?
I would say old renaissance era artists. There really were no cameras so they were the ultimate picture makers (great craftsman). But as far as people today I would say Joe Sorren, Andy Howell, I don't know, I could describe stuff but I don't know their name's.

Is there anything that you want to accomplish before death?
I don't know, just be successful. Do something good, be remembered. I think that is what most people want. Have fun and be happy.

Are you down to do work for MNSkateboarder in the near future?
Sure. Support the local scene.

Anthony Nollen
Anthony Nollen
Anthony Nollen
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Anthony Nollen
Anthony Nollen
Anthony Nollen