BIRTH Stillwater, MN
HOME Minneapolis, MN
SKATE 20 years
SPONSORS The generosity of others
SETUP Anything over 8 inches wide, Indy trucks, grip tape with a line cut in it so I can tell the nose from the tail and wheels with flat spots.
SKATE WITH Muldoon, Josh, DMC, Luke, Jammin' J or anyone else skating the bowl.
MUSIC I like some really stupid music. I love Vanilla Ice, Hulk Hogan's rap album, Avril Lavigne, Hasselhoff. As for real stuff I'm a big fan of P.W. Long, Mule & old Lifter Puller.
WORK City Pages
ANIMAL Probably a rat. They get those crazy tumors all over their bodies. Me too.
HOBBIES Glassblowing, remodeling my house, drawing, painting, watching the T-Wolves rot away.
MINNESOTA I love it here. I don't partake in any winter sports or anything but I can't imagine not having seasons. I love the trees and lakes. We're about as isolated as you can get in the U.S. as far as skateboarding goes and I think that gives us a unique perspective. We kinda have to have a sense of humor and not take ourselves too seriously. There are some amazing skaters around here that don't realize how good they are.
SHOUT OUTS Thanks to Muldoon. I've skated with him for like 16 or 17 years. It's nice to have someone to get old with (besides my wife). Dooner still learns new shit and pushes me to do the same. I've always been amazed by his talent. He looks like a pile but is in better shape then most of us. He hooked me up with judging pro contests which is a lot of fun. We see the world in the same way. Benji Meyer too. Working on porno with him for two years was nonstop amusement. He can rip on me right to my face and it just makes me laugh. Funny guy. And thanks to MNSkateboarder & Platinum. It's exhausting doing this shit for free but it's worthwhile. Keep it up.

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Brian Perry
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Brian Perry
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