SKATE 4 years
SPONSORS Roots Skateboards
SETUP 7.5 (flat, mellow, small tail, big nose), venture trucks, 49 or 50mm wheels and bones swiss
TRICK Tre flips, I like how they feel
SKATE WITH Trees, Sissi, Kyle, Tony, Ryan, Spence
MUSIC Hip-Hop and Rap
WORK Bridgemans/Embers
ANIMAL I would be a sea turtle
ALCOHOL I'm straight on the liq
HOBBIES CHILLLLLIN, Partyin, you know how we do
MINNESOTA It's sick we got a tight scene and a lot of kids to watch come up
SHOUT OUTS Thanks to Sissi, Ced, Trees, Dom and all my homies from Minneap
Switch Flip. Photo by Joe Blum.