BIRTH Minneapolis, MN
HOME Minneapolis, MN
SKATE 10 years
SPONSORS Roots, Fobia, I-Path (flow), Domestics (flow), Treeroots Productions, Chill Skateboards
SETUP Mellow Deck, 53's, Ventures, Swiss
TRICK Tricks are for kidz
SKATE WITH Tony Lanners, CJ, Kyle, Chuck, Rob, Roll Skate Ninjahs
MUSIC Good Hip-Hop, Reggae, Munzka's Ass Rock
WORK Borders Southside, Pasta Bar 50th and Penn, I'm a Delivertreedriver
ALCOHOL It's all the same
HOBBIES Tending to the forest creatures
MINNESOTA I love the vibes here, great energy, good folk, we are a hot spot for skateboarding, one day people will notice what we have going.
SHOUT OUTS Thanks to all the Roll Chilldren, Fobia, I-Path, SPRNTRL.
ROOTS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elijah Collard
Nollie Nosegrind. Photo by Ryan Damian.