BIRTH Rochester, MN 3/18/75
HOME MPLS-at The Holtan Hideout and Tamelot in South Central MPLS
SKATE 17 years & still stinking!
SPONSORS Former member of the Roots Cartel but still get enough love to get by.
SETUP 7.75 or 7 7/8, after 17 years still shopping around on board brand, low nose-tail, Indys, 52-54 Spitfires.
TRICK 360 Flip
SKATE WITH Lately, Paul Haiker or whoever can dig me up. It's been mostly covert mini ramp sessions lately.
MUSIC Cash, Clash, Howlin' Wolf, Steely Dan, Rev. Horton Heat, Dylan, Holly Go Lightly, Kool Keith, The Hawaii Show, Dread Zeppelin, CCR, New York Dolls, Thin Lizzy, Patsy Cline, The Cramps, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Descendents, Belle & Sebastian, Dr. Dre, White Stripes, AC/DC (Bon Scott) on & on. Music is amazing.
WORK Crescent Electric Supply in St. Paul (represent). I push wirenuts like weight! I'm also a slumlord and freelance judge so if you've got something going-
ANIMAL A chimpanzee so I could still skate.
ALCOHOL 1. White Russian/Iron Butterfly 2. Woodchuck Amber 3. Grain Belt 4. Carlo Rossi Sangria (Dream Maker Wife Beater Size) 5. Night Train -100. Diamond Blue Beer (NOT your best friend)
HOBBIES Reading, collecting and listening to CD's, Cassettes, 8-Tracks, Records, Deer Hunting, Bird watching, Paintball, camping, target shooting, tubing drunk on bodies of water, pornography, classic/muscle cars /shows, concerts, pool, bowling and sleeping.
MINNESOTA Skateboarding is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love living in Minnesota. Even the winter is enjoyable in a way-kind of like giving mother nature the bird, you know, like "hey screw it, we're gonna live in this and still have fun all year 'round, not run to warmer climates." I think it breeds more determined skateboarders who take less for granted and have alot of creative spark to their skating. I mean, look at what Seth McCallum did with that bank to curb in the middle of the winter.....if you've seen that you know what i'm talking about.
SHOUT OUTS Justin "JP" Colbenson and Dan Winkels for getting me started, my Ma for giving me life and the freedom to become who I am, Chad Benson for the formative high school years to the present, John Hammje for the SE/SW Rochester rivalry, Dan Jackson for the laughs and the 'Kato connection, Dave Flannigan, The Cabaya Bros, Greg Witt for a vert ramp to skate (my only vert drop ins) Nick Squires & Benji Meyer for years of antics and friendship, The Federal Reserve Bank for making such a great skate spot, Jean-Louis Huhta for puttin' B and me up in Stockholm (we're gonna find you), all the random shredders I've skated with but never took that extra step to meet, 1072 Crew past, present and future, J-Train, Scott @ Cal Surf, The Gieseking's @ Fobia, Mark, Steve, and Munz @ 3rd Lair, Andy, R-Dog & Co. at Board To Death in Rochester, Tami for lovin' me. There's actually more but this is getting ridiculous.
Josh Holtan
Still Shot. Photo by Joe Blum.

Josh Holtan
Rockin a full pipe. Photo by Unknown.