BIRTH Great Falls, Montana
HOME Highland Park
SKATE 15 years total, 10 with tricks
SPONSORS Cal Surf, Lakai, Matix, Roots, Nate Compher and Jamiel Nowparvar.
SETUP A flat 7.75 inch board, always gotta be Shorty's 7/8 inch allen, Ventures, Swiss bearings and 52 mm wheels.
TRICK Kickflips, FS Tailslides, Nollie Inward Heelflips, Pivots to Fakie or Grind the Pivot to Fakie.
SKATE WITH The B-Show, Dan Jackson, Junior Mint, Jamiel, Benji, Vang, Wes, Don Damiano, Sam McGuire, Quan, the SLP Crew, everybody else yo!
MUSIC I can find something redeeming about anything, so all of it I think.
WORK 3rd Lair Shred Barn and the Platinum Seagulls World Headquarters.
ANIMAL Ninja Turtle
ALCOHOL For the money, it's gotta be the DIRTY THIRTY!
HOBBIES Even though it's more of a passion, Platinum Seagulls, reading Time Magazine, edit slaving, debates with Sam, drinking cheap beer, playing pool, Timberwolves Basketball, NPR, Ping Pong, coffee.
MINNESOTA It's super rad. Today the dudes at the coffee shop told me that if I don't like the snow, I should move to LA to skate year round, but whatever. Everywhere I've been I don't like as much as here, snow or not (excluding Maz, but I don't know how long I'd keep skating down there). The scene is thick around here, Best in the Midwest
SHOUT OUTS Scott and Muldoon at Cal Surf, Mark, Steve, and everyone at the Lair, Joe and Dan at Fobia, The B-Show, Adam Bovee of Podium Dist. fame, Benji Meyer, Nate for the T-shirt kick backs and Jamiel for the pair of trucks you gave me last year, I still have them. Shout outs include the og 25th Ave Posse, ie 1072 and 1066. Roots. ISC. Everyone. Holy cow I can't forget Extreme Ashley. Thanks Ash.
Mike Munzenrider
Moustache Ride