BIRTH Waterloo, Iowa
HOME Iowa City, Iowa
SKATE 8 years
SPONSORS Nike Flow (What up C.J. and Dolo), The Full Kit, My Grandma on my birthday and My folks on Christmas.
SETUP 8.25 Deck, Indy's, 55mm wheels and bearings usually china bones
TRICK Ollies, Wallrides, Tre Flips, Footplants, and Back Tail
SKATE WITH I feel like im going to forget someone. Well in MN. It's usually Munz, Plus (ocassionally), Benson, and Jackson. Here in Iowa usually The Jackson Romanator, Wolf, Cutty, Peter, Mitch and the Moline Boys when they are in town.
MUSIC I'm pretty much down for anything. Can't go wrong with Springsteen though.
ANIMAL A monkey, without a doubt
ALCOHOL Beer or Carlo Rosie
HOBBIES Thinking, worrying, stressing, thinking how I'm worrying about stressing, and of course the standard for every skateboarder, photography, and some drawing and stuff.
MINNESOTA Its been said a thousand times but it has the worst weather. Which is great for things other than skateboarding. The scene is really good and the spots are really damn good too. Also one of the cleanest states and Cities (MPLS) I have ever been too, good job guys.
SHOUT OUTS Family (that includes friends too.)
Sam McGuire
Fastplant. Photo by Michael Stenerson.

Sam McGuire
Kickflip. Photo by Michael Stenerson.

Sam McGuire
Backside Disaster. Photo by Michael Stenerson.

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