BIRTH Greenfield, Indiana
HOME St. Pizzy
SKATE I can't count that high
SPONSORS Would and count??? I really can't flow either.
SETUP Right now I've been feeling the Stereo Arrow 7.5 board, perfect nose, tail, all around great shape. Rocking Royal lows. Swissies, and any type of white wheel 50-51mm. Has to be white too, not that dirty old yellow your wheels get. Plus it's how I like my rice, noodles and women...WHITE!!! Don't forget black shoes guessed it, women laces.
TRICK Lately...falling!!! but other than that, the old trusty nollie backside heelflip. 360 flip and switch 360 flips have been good to me lately too.
SKATE WITH The S.L.P crew. Chad Benson (he's pro you know), Aaron Barret, the artist formally known as Evil Pat Smith, Keith "Nut", Quang, Damiano, The Munz, Meyer (if he ever skates again), DNK (Dat Nigga Krause!!!)...I know I'm leavin out a couple of others I could name drop. Anyone else who rocks the S.L.Pizzy...
MUSIC Punk, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, just about everything.
WORK Brookdale Honda, Who needs a new car???
ANIMAL A Pig...cuz they don't sweat!!! wait scratch that, I don't sweat that much. A lion, cuz they are the kings and no one fucks with them. Plus they got a great roar/
ALCOHOL Alchol??? What's that???
HOBBIES Pooping my pants...cuz its' in right pantas that is!!! Ricing out the hooptie, chasing skirts, and moonlight walks along the beach...
MINNESOTA Great skatin in the Spring & Fall, tooo hot in the Summer, and FUCK Winter!!! Also lots of pretty leaves in the fall...AHHHHHHHHH. Also FUCK all you haters out there!!! You know who you are! Anyone who's ever used my name in a negative manner. I'm sorry to all those kids I was ever a dick to. Just tryin to skate now and fuck all that vibing shit. This towns toooo small for that B.S. Just HAVE FUN!!! Plus I know Chad Benson & Jr. Mint...
SHOUT OUTS Just want to start by saying, I know Chad Benson and Jr. Mint. Meyer and Pat for getting on the program, DAMN! those guys look good don't they. Thanks Munz over @,, Steve and Mark @ 3rd Slair, Brian @ My ex-girlfriend, Terri, for not having sex with me for months so I can steer my frustration towards skating*... Thanks and all my friends for making skateboarding fun again!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Thanks Dom for wasting my time with this...

*Not by my choice!!!
John Vang
Asian. Photo by Dom.