BIRTH St. Josephs Hospital, Mankato MN
HOME In the Valley, Van Nuys,CA aka The Vetto.
SKATE Since '85 (Back to the Future!!)
SPONSORS I made a deal with Regan to always be "sponsored" by In The Works, before I left. I think I am more of a mascot now. I hate wearing that costume when I skate. I also get flowed Adio shoes when I need 'em.
SETUP Fiberglass Bahne bullet nose, with Street Snake wheels, swiss bearings, and Tracker 6 tracks. I am also sponsored by G&S die cut grip tape.
TRICK Nollie backside nose mean one I can do....right...lets about a good f/s smith.
SKATE WITH Love skating with old pals from home(Regan, Dom, Johnny P, Stevie D, The brothers Williams, and the Kato Krew). I skate these days with some Valley Locs: Roy-o, Chill, Grover and that kid at the Skate Lab.
MUSIC John Tesh, Gospel Choir Revolution....kidding...actually I have been getting rid of all my old music going more towards blues & gospel rap. However, I still haven't been able to give up my Radiohead & Build to Spill stuff.
WORK Currently employed at Amgen Inc. It is a pretty big company, quite a change from my other jobs. We make drugs that help cancer patients and people with arthritis. My job is to keep an eye on what is going on with mad cow disease.
ANIMAL Not a about a Eagle, except I don't like to eat small rodents and fish.
ALCOHOL Leave more for you (Dom).
HOBBIES Photography, small scale graphic design, cinematography, church youth leader & building ramps.
MINNESOTA Minnesota was rough to grow up skating in. It definitely makes you more hardcore than most SoCal skaters. I remember donning gloves, a big stocking cap and many many layers of clothes, shoveling my driveway just so I could push around a little bit. I miss the whole crew I used to skate with, much love for Minnesota.
SHOUT OUTS Thanks goes out to Jeff S.(formerly of Libido Boyz) for bonelessing over Scott Tufte in front of my house in 1984. Regan Killmer thanks for keeping the dream alive in Kato for this long, are you as grizzled as I was yet? Also thanks to Dom, Steve D, Chris P, Johnny P, Daddy P, Skipp B, Glenn Gabriel (with out him the Kato park would not have happened), Joe Williams, thanks for coming, Dan Williams, John A, Lil Chuck, Downtown Downs, Jayme. Shout out to Mark and Steve at the Lair you guys keep bringing MN skating to a national level, Scott and John at Cal, Pete H at Fobia. Thanks to Rob G, Tim Tim, Mulder, Mike V, Gilley, and Black Tom for always being cool with me. A little shout out to Venom, keep rocking in the free world. Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood and not because you were trying a switch back tail.
Rob Norland
Rob Norland. Photo by Joe Williams.

Rob Norland
Backside Nosegrind. Photo by Roy-o.