HOME San Jose, CA
SKATE 16 years
SPONSORS Cal-Surf (I think still) I probably don't deserve it though
SETUP Thurman Revolution board or whatever/thunder trucks/whatever wheels 55mm
TRICK Backside Disaster
SKATE WITH Usually myself
MUSIC Depends on my mood, the kazoo
WORK I am teaching skate camps all over
ANIMAL I don't know
HOBBIES Skateboarding playing guitar
MINNESOTA Great place to skate. Really nice people. Good skateparks (3rd Lair). Too freaking cold for my pansy ass though.
SHOUT OUTS Thanks to Regan, Matt Roesch, Scott at Cal, Joe Blum, Dom, Ed, Tony, Zach, Andy, Mankato skatepark, 3rd lair guys, Andy Paulsen, Dan Jackson, Sean Hanley, Sam, Benji, John Pietz, and anyone else that helped me out, sorry if I left you out.
Jesse Reed
Security. Photo by Joe Blum.

Feeble. Photo by Joe Blum.