BIRTH Duluth, MN
HOME Iowa City, IA
SKATE 15 years
SETUP 8.5 to 8.75, Indy's, and medium sized skinny wheels
TRICK To do would probably be shifty's or any sort of frontside slide. To see would probably be kickflip shifty's or tre flips
SKATE WITH Corey (when he's not too busy writing with flamboyantly literary jargon on his typewriter), Cutty (when he's not too busy hanging with girls who "aren't my girlfriend dude"), Sam (when he's not having a total nervous breakdown about college), Jackson (when he's not stranded out in the middle of nowheresville i.e.. coralville), Mitch (when he's not too busy working 900 hours a week at the full kit), Aaron Money (when he's not too busy playing rappa tappa records at mpls hot spots), Jack and Nicole (when they're not too busy being a married couple), Double D (when he's not too busy chilling in Gary new duluth), Matt money (when he's not too busy globetrotting and living it up in sunny CA) and whoever loves to just skate around and not stress about trying to wreck themselves.
MUSIC Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz and Soul.
WORK Local camera store in Iowa City
ANIMAL A black panther
ALCOHOL When I'm rich and or feel like chillin, top shelf whiskey or english beer, when I'm poor and or feel like gettin faded, 40's of OE or Mickeys.
HOBBIES Skateboarding, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Reading the newspaper, making people laugh, being a world class DJ, looking for a real job.
MINNESOTA Pretty rad overall. MPLS has changed a lot since I first moved there in '96. Downtown was totally different. There was nothing skate-stoppered, there was a lot more grittiness to the city, it was like a dream to me. There was a lot of graffiti heads killin it and that all added to the vibe of the city and the feeling you got skateboarding downtown. It's still cool, even with all the changes. There are still tons of spots and a good vibe from heads that live there. I still love it and hope to move back for a little while this spring and summer. Duluth has pretty much stayed the same since I lived there. Jack, Nicole and Ben are doing tons to make it thrive. With Stacked and Fonix holding down the northland, kids who might otherwise be left gasping for local inspiration are finding it thanks to them and to the local skateparks that have popped up. The new shop Damage Inc. will be opening up this spring and that will be huge for the scene. They have a lot of good energy and I hope that everyone will support them and put that fucking corporate Zumiez out of business. As for the rest of the state I don't have any experiences but would be down to travel wherever. If you want to shoot photos and have some dope spots, holla and we'll get a crew together to road trip.
SHOUT OUTS To my parents, to my Lady Afrika, thanks for all the support, I love you baby, the Bowery house, The Full Kit, Lisa, Leslie, George, Matt Money, NJB and Wifey, Aaron Money and Ruff Stick for putting me up on the couch for so long, Jack and Nikki D, Dom and MN Skateboarder, and everybody else. Peace
Michael Stenerson
Self Portrait. Photo by Michael Stenerson.

Stenerson Collection
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