BIRTH Wandsworth, United Kingdom
HOME Beautiful Uptown, Minneapolis, MN
SKATE Over 10 years, I gave up for a while in the 90's
SPONSORS Fobia, Handjob, Stacked, Rob Sissi helps me out with Nike's
SETUP 8" board (Iota - Emeric's), Indy's, 53mm or 54mm wheels - usually Spitfire, Bones Swiss for speed
TRICK Anything that�s fast and long - switch tail both ways
SKATE WITH I used to skate alone, just turn up and see who is skating. Now it seem as though I am planning shit out a little more. Munzy, Ryan Damien, Benji?????, Quan, Dusty & his ramp, Jammin Jay, Bob Bogema, Rob, Cookie & Victor, Pabst & Sparks
MUSIC I like pretty much all kinds of music. Apart from songs with the vocal effect that Cher came up with, the one that sounds all digital and futuristic - I hate that noise. Uuugggghhhhhh
WORK Nowhere - Currently in Immigration limbo with no work permit
ALCOHOL Sparks - vodka top
HOBBIES Art, riding my bike, screen printing, girls, drinks, travel, myspace, learning, swimming, cooking, camping
MINNESOTA I find the scene here very similar to London's. The whole seasonal thing really brings people together physically and in the way we skate. I love spring and the anticipation/excitement it brings. The struggle against the cold is similar to the struggle against the rain in the UK - It breeds determined, open minded, creative skaters
SHOUT OUTS Thanks to Nesser, who then introduced me to Jo & Dan Gieseking. Everyone in the Fobia family for making me feel so at home for no other reason but skateboarding! Rob Sissi for keeping my feet warm. Everyone I have the pleasure of skating with. Seth, Wayne Z, Muldon, Perry, Munz, Benji, Nate, Eddie, Jamiel, Jackson, Benson, Hunkle, Ireland, Uptown crew, Sam McGuire, Scotty & the Cal Surf crew, Steve G, Muller & the 3rd Lair crew. Leah, Jen, Jess, Karl - Thanks for getting me in at Marshall Field's. All the London heads - I miss you, hope to visit soon. Richie Hopson, Kevin P, Joey P, Snowy, Finch, Nick Jensen, Slam and Cide crew's Paul & Rory, Terence A, BSE, GFS crews, Mum, Dad & big bro, Viso R.I.P.
Luke Hunt
Halloween. Photo by Unknown.

Luke Hunt
Blindside Flip Fakie. Photo by Richie Hopson.

Luke Hunt
Kickflip. Photo by Richie Hopson.

Luke Hunt
Lipslide. Photo by Richie Hopson.